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Suite a plusieurs bug signaler des skill , nous aimerions avoir votre avis . Cette avis consiste a remettre le serveur en EP 5.4 car la 6.3 a trop de bug a niveau des skill. Je sait que beaucoup vont pas trop aimer car recommencer tout ne fait pas trop plaisir mais pour etre sur de reouvrir Prototype le plus vite possible On sera dans l’obligation de reset totalement le serveur car faire readapter le tout actuel a EP5.4 donnerait beaucoup plus de travail que de reset le serveur completement. En gros le DEV ferait comme il avait fait de Icarus a Prototype , ainsi une recompense sera verser pour tout le desagrément causer
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Courteous language and respect required, no provocations.
Abuse of capital letters is forbidden.
Advertising is prohibited regardless of the channel used.
It is also prohibited to advertise this server on others.
Nicknames and guild names offensive or doubtful are prohibited.
It is strictly forbidden to pretend to be a member of the Prototype team, even if it is not done seriously.
The flood is forbidden, however we are tolerant with some discussions if they do not disturb other players.
All languages ??are subject to flood rules.


During a boss, it is obligatory to play in open union and to regroup in a single union by joining the first one.
In a union, it is forbidden to put the Gain to the Head if even a single member refuses.
The booty of a union can be put in Chance as in distribution by group.
It is prohibited to exclude from a union without good reason.


It is forbidden to penetrate an adverse camp protected by guards.
It is forbidden to attack a player behind his guards.
So it is also forbidden to attack or heal from behind his guards.
It is forbidden to commit suicide in guards of the opposing faction, for whatever reason.
It is also forbidden to commit suicide in the bombs of a PvP boss.
The dissolution of a raid without valid reason is forbidden.
The turrets and the actual safezones are there to decrease the number of complaints of attacks behind the guards. They do not amend the regulation.
It is forbidden to exclude from a pvp union without valid reason. Provocations, insults, recurrent inactivities and non-respect of raids are valid reasons, only after warnings in union.
It is forbidden to create your own union if a pvp union is already present, except for valid reason.
All unions must remain open and reachable for all, it is forbidden to pvp in closed group.
It is forbidden to be in PvP zone with two different characters, even on different zones.
Rules for PvE bosses also apply to PvP boss rules.
However, in case of confrontation between two unions of the same faction on the same boss:
- If the boss is on a map where the pvp is running, the PvP union on the spot takes precedence over a PvE union likely to arrive during a rush.
- If the PvE union arrives before the PvP union, the PvP union has the right to remain only for PvP but must leave the boss to the PvE union. Players wanting to do the boss must join the PvE union.
The Stat Padd is forbidden and is managed by an automatic ban of the mule account and the withdrawal of the kills taken by cheating.
Similarly, free kill is prohibited.


Never use the same password on another server, nor a password that is identical to your account name or very simple to guess!
The majority of "hack" cases come from an account loan. It is strongly forbidden to pass your identifiers, even to a person who is believed to know well.
Therefore, "hack" cases are not processed if they come from a loan of account, except sanction level.
The donation, the sale, the purchase or the loan of account are forbidden. It is strictly forbidden to go to retrieve equipment from an account that is not his own. (If the owner accuses you of hack, you risk the IP ban for nothing)
The exchanges are the responsibility of the players, if you agree to lend your equipment to a player, we will not necessarily intervene if the latter refuses to return them to you, except level sanction.
Players inciting others not to abide by these rules will be punished as well as having committed the offense.
It is prohibited to sell icarus goods against any other service that is not part of the gaming server.
It is forbidden to sell, buy or exchange any object of the server for real money: code allo pass or other means of payment.
Kill transfers are only possible on two characters of the same account.
No transfers of Kills interfaction will take place on the server.


The use of Bot (Automation of his character) is strictly forbidden.
The speedhack is strictly forbidden.
It is forbidden to use decorative bugs in order to protect themselves, in PvE as in PvP.
Any exploitation of bugs not officially announced is strictly forbidden.
Any use of external software is strictly forbidden.


To postpone an abuse, you must be provided with proof (screenshot, video or other) so that the charge is taken into account.
You can contact us using the ticket form.


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